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The future of real estate hinges on data. From making better decisions about property investments and understanding the ROI on potential locations to finding new leads, real estate data is critical in helping drive those decisions.

Data Management Solutions for Business


About the Industry

The real estate industry is becoming more data-driven relying on external data sources to help market properties better as well as optimize forecasting models. The modern commercial real estate market is a data-driven market, where brokers, investors, and lenders make decisions based on analyzing data.



Applications of Real Estate Data

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Calculate the ROI of investment decisions

Real estate data is up to date, reliable, refreshed on a regular basis and is available in several formats. It is gathered from a variety of sources, so businesses are confident in accuracy when thinking about key business outcomes.

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Find targeted leads and expansion opportunities

Real estate data is valuable because it is comprehensive. It includes data on individual properties as well as aggregated data on neighborhoods, markets, and regions. This data can be used to understand the performance of a property as well as the performance of the market as a whole.


Why should you buy property data?

  • To make better, more informed decisions about your business.

  • To stay ahead of the competition. 

  • To power you business' workflows and applications.

  • To improve your bottom line.

  • To ensure you're getting the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date data.

  • To get you up and running quickly, without breaking the bank.

  • To get all the data products you need in one place.

Integrate your data with Spectre

Leverage our custom integrations to get your data ready for use

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Types of Real Estate Data on Spectre

SEO & Clickstream

Short Term Listings

Location & Geospatial

Loan & Lender Data

Product Sales and Reviews

Building Size & Location

Real Estate Data

Ownership & Foreclosure Data

Marketing and Sales Enrichment

Tenant & Transactional Data

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