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Spectre Partners With People Data Labs To Provide Quality B2B Enrichment Data

We are very excited to announce we have officially partnered with People Data Labs to help our clients access high-quality enrichment data. When it comes to B2B interactions, data is key to success. Enrichment data provides the necessary details to identify and connect with potential business partners. The use of enriched data can improve customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. The data can also help identify and assess potential risks and opportunities for the customer and the company. With the right data, platform users can identify the right prospects, understand their business needs, and build lasting relationships.

“PDL’s ultimate goal is to enable engineers, whether they’re building a new data-driven product or a more efficient internal process, by delivering high-quality data as a service. Spectre shares that vision, and we’re excited to partner with them to empower the next wave of innovators and builders.” - Sean Thorne, CEO & Co-Founder, People Data Labs

With the People Data Labs and Spectre partnership you will now be able to:

  • Enrich your records with company and resume data from over 3 billion unique, highly-accurate B2B profiles

  • Build new data-driven products and processes powered by PDL’s fully compliant, highly accurate data.

  • Deepen your ability to put identity in context, fight fraud, and mitigate risk through PDL’s Identify API and Risk Attributes

  • Evaluate potential investments by exploring hiring trends and professional histories.

"Spectre is proud to partner with People Data Labs as one of our premium company and contact data providers. PDL's APIs and data were easily connected into the Spectre ecosystem to power sophisticated sourcing and due diligence strategies across a variety of industries. We are excited to help our clients integrate this high quality data in new and unique ways." - Ashwin Kamath, CEO & Founder, Spectre

We are excited to see what our customers will be able to build with the enhanced data quality from People Data Labs!

About People Data Labs

People Data Labs is the leading provider of B2B data, delivering more high-quality, highly -accurate, compliantly sourced people and company data than any other vendor. People Data Labs partners with engineers, product developers, and data scientists to power innovation and provide better and more comprehensive results for end users. For more information, visit

About Spectre

Spectre is a novel cloud-based data platform designed for frictionless access to third-party data. Want to learn more about how we can help with your data needs? Reach out to us at:

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