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Many organizations buy financial transaction data to stay ahead of the curve. They buy and analyze data to identify new trends and to develop new products and services. They need to know what people are spending their money on, where they are sending it, and how they are moving it around. Transaction data helps businesses understand what products and services to offer and how to market them

Data Management Solutions for Business


About the Industry

The financial data industry is becoming more data-driven relying on external data sources to help market properties better as well as optimize forecasting models. The modern commercial financial industry is a data-driven market, where brokers and investors make decisions based on analyzing data.



Why should you buy financial data?

  • Insights about customer spending habits and preferences

  • Improved risk assessment and fraud detection

  • Insight into competitor activity

  • Better understanding of customer financial health

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Integrate your data with Spectre

Leverage our custom integrations to get your data ready for use


Types of Financial Data on Spectre

Product Sales and Reviews

Financial Statements

Location & Geospatial

Identity Verification

SEO & Clickstream


Real Estate Data

Market Segmentation

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