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Introducing Spectre Data Platform

A data management solution for all businesses. Spectre's Data Platform takes care of the operational load and generates jobs that complete a variety of unique tasks data science tasks including copies, queries, and custom integrations. 

Integrate your data with Spectre

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Copy Data

Move data to different data locations in a variety of services

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Transform Data

Spectre Data Platform allows you to clean, anonymize, and query data.

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Process Data

Quality test, run ML inference and extract metadata.

Be sure your data is safe. 

Be sure your data is safe. Spectre Data Platform allows us to perform all operations a data scientist needs on your data without ever storing the data.


Use Spectre Data Platform to easily build your ETL pipelines at the click of a button.

All pipelines are maintained via our flexible jobs, which fix themselves and run intelligently so you do not/ don't need to worry about maintaining them.

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