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External Data Management
Data Management Solutions for Business


Optimize your strategy with data-driven signals.

Make third-party and internal data production-ready in no time. Generate deeper insights with broad-based quality data, build sophisticated, easy-to-use, dashboards, and reduce the time from insights to action.

Cloud Based Data Platforms


Our platform allows you to improve the ROI on data strategies and increase the productivity of your data teams.


Reduce the cycle time to take models to production and keep models updated with refreshed data.

Custom Datasets

Increase productivity by offloading routine data engineering tasks. 

Custom Pricing

Acquire and blend high-quality, reliable data with ease and continuously update and monitor data at a low cost.

Looking for custom data? Here's how it works.

Entity Coverage Reports

Request entity coverage reports and discovers whether a product contains relevant information.

  • Understand if a dataset has coverage of keywords you are interested in.

  • Get suggestions from data scientists and vendors on insights that match your intended usage.

Data Samples

Request data samples, table schemas, and other metadata to better understand data before purchasing.

  • Know what to expect of your data before purchase.

  • Keep track of changes to your data throughout your subscription.

Integrate your data with Spectre

Save time and money by finding the right data at the right time. Data is crucial to every business’ competitive advantage, but often acquisition can be a tedious and expensive process. Spectre allows you to search across a wide variety of data types to help you find what you need to succeed.

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