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Stop using unhealthy data.

Let Spectre take on the operational load to manage your data so your data scientists can focus less on maintenance and more on driving revenue. 


What Spectre Can Do For You

With Spectre, you can focus on your competencies and your business and leave the data science to us. 

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Automated Data Reliability

Reduce data acquisition and integration costs

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Plug and Play Data Management

Seamlessly integrating data from multiple, non-comparable sources

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Easy Integration Into Your Data Stack

Help analysts and data scientists find stronger signals to solve business problems


Data Operations

Spectre improves the observability of customer data resources and reduces maintenance efforts for operational excellence.

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Data Drift

Automate the process of detecting unexpected shifts and anomalies in data.

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Data Protection

Prevent data quality issues from spreading to dependent data and creating a support nightmare.

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Data Restoration

Remedy data quality issues and seamlessly bring all dependent data back to health.

Stop using unhealthy data.

Stop focusing on time-consuming, manual tasks to acquire, clean, monitor, and update your data.  Spectre connects to an organization's data stack and ensures data reliability by preventing the spread of bad data.


Data Quality and Orchestration

Making sure your data is continuously reliable is hard. Spectre connects your data pipelines with automated quality monitoring across all important metrics over your entire data network.


Data Lineage

Build a cohesive data lineage across internal and external data

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Error Detection

Easily isolate and triage issues before they influence dependent data

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Robust Alerts

Alert all stakeholders instantly and perform root cause analysis

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