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Who Are We?

Spectre is a cloud-based data platform designed for frictionless access to third-party data. Here at Spectre, we understand the administrative and technical difficulties organizations face when it comes to data distribution, licensing, and subscription management. 

Image by John Fornander

Spectre was founded by Ashwin Kamath, a data expert that comes with extensive experience in data management and procurement from companies such as Two Sigma. Ashwin saw firsthand the difficulties businesses face when attempting to purchase and integrate external data into their current systems. He understood that buying data is crucial to a business’ success, but needs to be done in a way that is efficient and effective.  We are headquartered in NYC and our team of data experts come from Two Sigma, Affirm, Amazon, Wix, and more! 


Spectre empowers organizations to uplevel their strategy by connecting data providers with relevant external buyers at the right time to drive key business outcomes.

Historical Context


The Hadoop Era

Organizations got their first taste of data analytics but suffered from data silos

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